Speaker handouts

“What is the nature of your message? What usefulness does it have for your audience? Now make that message clear and compelling. ‘Ordinary’ and ‘plain’ can’t sell an idea or a product because they can’t be seen.”

I have spoken around the world on enhancing creativity in the service of the message and understanding how design affects targets’ needs. My audiences were editorial and advertising art directors, designers, editors, publishers, and professional associations and organizations. I speak to small groups in small spaces and large groups in and large spaces, including having been the keynote speaker. I have also spoken at art schools on much the same things, but more casually.

Finland Island Luncheon LectureI am available for speaking engagements and enjoy tailoring my talk to your audience’s specific needs. I frequently couple my talk with a more intimate followup Q&A with key participants which allows us to apply the ideas I’ve presented with their unique communication problems.

This photo was taken at a luncheon between morning and afternoon workshop sessions on a tiny ferry-linked island in the Suomenlahti (the Gulf of Finland) just off Helsinki. I was consciously breaking one of the Rules of Public Speaking: never turn your back on your audience.