Fonts: Preissig Antikva

Preissig Antikva & Kurziva

This is the second of two typefaces I digitally restored and were recognized in the Type Directors Club Typeface Design Competition in 2000. They were among the fourteen winners in a field of 135 entries from thirteen countries that year.

Alex W. White Preissig Glossy Foliage

There are four family members: Antikva, Kurziva, Bold, and Black.

Robert Bringhurst, one of the judges, wrote for Typography 22“If type designers and typographers could acquire the fame of painters, the Czech artist Vojtech Preissig would be mentioned in one breath with Oskar Kokoschka and Vincent van Gogh. In 1924 he designed a superbly angular type, cut and cast in the following year by the Czech State Printing House in Prague. Preissig used this type to print an important book of his own, and it came to bear his name, but it was never commercially issued. All serious students of typographic history have seen reproductions of this type, but few have seen it in actual use. We were delighted, therefore, to see a digital revival of Preissig roman and italic entered in this year’s competition.”

Preissig Antikva showing
Preissig Antikva typeface sampler
Preissig Antikva Text