Editing by Design 4th ed

The classic guide for word-and-picture communication for art directors, editors, designers, and students

This classic guide to winning readers has been completely updated to be applicable to both print and online publication design. Because it has truths about effective visual communication that transcend technological changes, this book has been in continuous publication since 1974.

Revised by accomplished author and professor of graphic design Alex W. White, Editing by Design 4th Edition, describes how both word and design people have the same task: to reveal the true core of each message as plainly and compellingly as possible.

Readers will find ways to marry content and form through designer/editor collaboration helping story and design to reinforce each other. Brimming with hundreds of illustrations, chapters cover a wealth of design and editing matters, including:

  • How to think about “editing” and “designing” as a word person and a design person
  • Teamwork and collaboration for story clarity
  • Originality and inducement for the reader
  • Columns and grids for organization
  • Covers and contents listings as tools for deeper reader involvement
  • Using type hierarchy to lure and catch readers
  • Representational and non-representational imagery
  • Using color as a branding device

Here are eleven spreads from the book to give a good idea of its contents:

Jan V. White was a career-long champion for uniting design and editorial. His constant point: publication design is a rational activity to reveal value in which designers must have a keen interest in words and editors must understand the value of design. An award-winning graphic designer and recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award for his work with editors, he was a design consultant to dozens of publication companies and hundreds of publications. Author of fifteen books and 250 articles published worldwide, White gave 1,800+ seminars for both designers and editors in twenty-seven countries. White held degrees in architecture from Cornell and Columbia Universities. He lived in Westport CT and died in 2014.

In the esoteric world of publication design, Jan V. White must rank as one of the first citizens, as well as resident theoretician.” Communication Arts magazine

“Editing by Design should be required reading for anyone working in magazines today, especially editors!” Walter Bernard, Partner, Walter Bernard and Milton Glaser Design

“Packed with useful ideas and instinctive ways to implement them, what White preaches and teaches leads to a publication of impact, refinement, and ease of usage.” Peter Jacoby, Professor Emeritus of Journalism, Indiana University