Type Directors Club (TDC)

“The Type Directors Club is an international organization for all people who are devoted to excellence in typography, both in print and on screen.”

   Shown below are most of the TDC Board of Directors, a couple of former members, and guests at Mike Parker’s TDC Medal ceremony in 2011.

Typography 24 typography judges: Rodrigo Corral, Nancy Skolos, Guto Lacaz, Mark Geer, Marianne Besch, Bob Aufuldish, Brian Diecks
Type Directors Club Annual TDC24

I thoroughly enjoyed a twelve-year period of service on the board of directors of the Type Directors Club in New York City, retiring as Chairman and past President. It was a distinct honor to be able to promote expressive, revealing, artistic typography by, among other activities, ensuring the three global type competitions continued to define the state of the art. I also served as Chairman of the design competition in 2003, whose judges were Bob AufuldishMarianne BeschRodrigo CorralBrian DiecksMark GeerGuto Lacaz, and Nancy Skolos.

Typography 24, the Annual of the Type Directors Club showing the winners from the 2003 competition, was designed by Alex Isley.

An event in TDC’s space
Gary Munch, Alex W White, Ed Fella, Ted Mauseth, Charles Nix
Graham Clifford, Brian D. Miller, Alex W White

I was delighted to contribute reviews and articles to TDC’s website while I was a board member,