Type in Use, 2nd Ed

“The editors at graphic-design.com agree: Type In Use is the essential book for anyone who wants to really understand how to make typography do what it’s supposed to do! But unlike any other book in the past 25 years, Type In Use will tell you why!” – Amazon Review

Type in Use, 2nd Edition describes the ten categories of magazine typography: Text, Headlines, Subheads, Breakouts, Captions, Department Headings, Covers, Contents, Bylines & Bios, and Folios & Footlines. It also has a chapter on the History of Type in Use.

“An extremely valuable addition… In a field where a lot of literature makes designing with typography seem like learning clever gimmicks, White’s book really stands out. This book could become a bible.”– Mara Kurtz in Letterspace, The Type Directors Club Journal

“This is the most comprehensive and up-to-the-moment presentation of all that is new in typography. No book on this subject contains such a wealth of ideas. Type in Use is first rate.” – The New England Review of Books

Second Edition published by W.W. Norton in 1999. First Edition published by Design Press/McGraw-Hill in 1992. Out of print.